10 Habits & Skills of Confident People

The desire for confidence lies in all of us. It is simply the ability to finally be empowered within, as the means to our dreams.

Confidence enables our mindset to finally appreciate and work for our internal desires, whatever they are, and take action on them.

Below I have made a bullet list. These are key phrases defining confidence and the habits/skills that comes with it.

  • They don’t make excuses
  • They don’t quit
  • They don’t wait for permission to act
  • They don’t seek attention
  • They don’t need constant praise
  • They don’t put things off
  • They don’t pass judgment
  • They don’t avoid conflict
  • They don’t let a lack of resources get in their way
  • They don’t get too comfortable

To elaborate on these skills and habits I found this guy, Rodrigo Silva, and his pointers are, in my opinion, spot on.


ps. Remember to commit yourself for any new habit/skill you want to achieve. Team up, with a friend, a community, or a coach.

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