Changing subconscious habits


All change starts with a choice. Either the choice is made consciously or unconsciously but nothing has ever happened without it.

Now for all training, conscious choices are the right term. We train to develop, experience or practice for some result.

To change the subconscious habits of thinking, acting, sleeping, seeing, practically anything. We need to desire something else. Next, we need to find a way to make that desire come into our experience. Daily, weekly or as it always is, at this very moment.

How to change a habit can be set-up in various ways and is dependent on your current level of understanding. This post will address a general approach.

  • Identify your desired result
  • Visualize, feel, express and communicate it.
  • Start acting out the change you can see possible here and now.

By this small process, you will start to experience more of what you desire. Now here is a little trick. For our human experience of mind & body connected, we have a certain “time period” where a resistance to change is pre-setup. Why we have that, is to be able to stop up and re-adjust before engaging in perhaps destructive habits. Like drinking, overplanning or falling into traps of absolute ideas how things should be.

The time period is roughly 42 days. That is what it takes for the subconscious mind to accept a certain change or new habit.

This literally means, that if you start practicing something for 42 days every day for about 20 minutes. That will be unconsciously coming up as a suggestion and maybe just happen afterward without any effort.

It can be:

  1. waking  up early in the morning
  2. training 3 times per week
  3. meditate 1 time a day
  4. brushing your teeth
  5. feeling better by choice
  6. visualize and imagine
  7. etc.etc.

We can all make the changes we want, desire and dream of. The methods at Amindforyou can benefit a great deal to save time from detours and missteps along the way.

Thank you for reading and check out our courses!

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