Stop the self-sabotage and get A Mind For You

Bridging the gap from confusion, depression, struggle to ease, joy, success & inner genius!

A Mind For You is built on the concepts and teachings similar to:

  • Change Your Mind – the scientific way of Joe Dispenza
  • The way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman
  • Trinfinity Acadamy – by Bentinho Massaro
  • Inner Engineering by Sadhguru

A Mind For You teaches how to have the mind working for you in terms of joy, freedom & inner genius. What we here call “Universal Intelligence”

On a fundamental level, whenever we experience the mind not functioning/working for us, it is because we believe something that is not true. The training here addresses all these misunderstandings, corrects them through practice and the effects of these are immediate.

We are creators of our experiences and this ability can be trained. Enjoy the courses and most importantly, enjoy to share and see more of the awesomeness that you are!